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Model Horse - Elsie

Elsie from Elsie and Oliver

Happy October everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know which pieces I am slowly (but surely) working on 🙂  … keep on the look out for an Alborozo, Muscat, Miss America, Vixen, and Peasant Stomper in the near future.  I am not sure which order or when I will complete them.  I am fitting them in between my comission orders 🙂  If anyone is interested in one or would like to see one of these guys in a particular color… let me know (tlouiselle@yahoo.com).  Have a wonderful Halloween!

Summer is almost over…

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer so far.  I can’t believe how fast it has flown by! This has been quite a busy season for me.  I have been flying back and forth from Michigan to Florida for over a year now.  In July I finally made the big move to the sunshine state.  The drive would have been fun if we did not have a four month old puppy and a cat who cried From Michigan until 3/4 of the way through Georgia.  I am now settled in and transfering colleges.  Hopefully this fall will be as entertaining as this summer 🙂

Happy Earth Day 2009

Another Earth Day, another chance to reflect and spread the word about trying in small ways to use less electricity in homes, and to make smart choices about things in life.

I have a lot of hope that finally people are getting it and starting to care more about conservation.

We love our horses, and want to see those beautiful open acres for them to roam free.


Hi guys! I am sooo thrilled that I was able to get my hands on a traditional sized Independence resin. However, I am having a touch time making a decision on his color. It must me something unique for this special boy.  If you have any ideas please email me at tlouiselle@yahoo.com.

Thanks everyone!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Hi guys! I just want to wish you all a wonderful Valentines Day!  I will be working on some new guys pretty soon.  I have a Conquest II, Scarlett, and some beautiful Eberls on my “waiting to paint” list 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and lets have some high hopes for 2009!!! I want to thank everyone for your wonderful emails and updates. Also: thank you for your patience on this website. I am planning on offering some of my paintings for sale in the future.
Thanks so much to you all again!
Happy New Year!!!!


I am just writing to give a heads up that I will have some new guys completed within the next two weeks. Alborozo, Stormwatch, COnquest II, Lord of the Ring (the Holy Grail of resins) If anyone has a color idea please let me know at: tlouiselle@yahoo.com
Have a wonderful holiday!!!

Wow a Baby Miniature Horse on the Loose!


More beautiful hand painted model horses by Tara Louiselle!

Peter Stone standing drafter resculpt

Breyer Alborozo paint

Scarlett resin paint

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